A Christmas Prayer

starry nightGuideposts has been around a long time. What follows is a story by Fay Angus from 1992, recently unearthed in a search for Christmas decorations. Enjoy!


“A Celebration of the Star”

She was a small girl, standing lonely on the sidelines. As the other children took turns to try whacking down the piñata, her fingers nervously twisted a corner of her dress. It was the PTA’s annual school Christmas party.

I was responsible for filling the piñata and had chosen a star and stuffed it with candies, whistles, snappers and plastic trinkets. “Don’t you want a turn?” I asked the girl, gingerly urging her forward. “I’ll go with you.” But she only stood there.

After a series of hefty whacks, the star crashed down and split open. Candies and trinkets gushed out to squeals of delight as the children scampered across the playground. Suddenly, without warning, the girl darted across the grass. From a far corner where it had been carelessly kicked, she picked up the broken star. Clutching it to her heart, she shouted, “Look, I got the star!” She had left the trinkets and treats for the others.

madonna and christ childThat star endured, perched on one of her bedposts, for several years. I know. You see, she was my little girl.

This Christmas, let us make the star a celebration of joy. When we awaken, let us put our trust in Jesus, the Morning Star, our guiding Light. At night, let us call on Christ, our Evening Star, Whose presence will light the darkest darkness!


illustrations courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net