Are You Afraid You Don’t Deserve Healing?

I always had this fear during my healing journey:

This is all God has for me and I shouldn’t expect more.

Does that ring a bell with you?wounded heart

After going through all the torment in our lives, it’s easy to slip into thinking like this. We feel like we don’t deserve any more than what we already have. We don’t deserve to be completely healed. We don’t even deserve God’s love.

Well, guess what? Like all of the enemy’s lies, this one has a kernel of truth. You and I DON’T deserve His love or His gifts. But feelings lie, too. The truth is that our healing has absolutely nothing to do with what we’ve earned or deserve. Our healing is dependent on only three things:

1. God’s love for His children. That love is His very make up, and can’t be changed by anyone or anything.

2. Our obedience. We have to cooperate with the process. (Don’t you just hate the “P” word? It always means we can’t get what we want immediately. We have to have patience—another “P” word!)

Gift box 3. Our willingness to accept and receive. If only our minds accept His healing and love, those gifts don’t have an opening to our hearts. That’s the only place the truth can take root, grow, and change us. We can accept that healing is our birthright as God’s children, but we don’t receive it.

So when you hear that little voice in your head saying, “you don’t deserve to be healed,” or loved, or whatever, try this little maneuver. Agree with it. Say, “You’re right, I don’t deserve it. But I belong to Jesus, so I’m going to talk to Him about it.” Then ask Jesus what He has to say.

You can bet He’ll reassure you of His love. Then He’ll tell you He paid the price for your healing and you don’t have to earn it. It’s part of your inheritance in the Kingdom.cross in sunlight

All you have to do is ask and then wait for the answer. That little voice will be stilled. Oh, it will come back and try again, but just keep taking it to Jesus. He never fails.

And eventually the voice will give up.

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