Are You Mad at God?

God punishing personDo you ever feel like God screwed up somehow?

That He’s done a bad job with your life?

Maybe you feel like He’s holding out on you or that He made promises to you and hasn’t kept them. Or that He’s judging you unfairly.
Sounds like a recipe for anger to me.

“Oh, but I can’t be mad at God—He’s perfect. I must be doing something wrong. It’s my fault.”

Well, there is truth in that statement. God is perfect. He is sovereign. But you CAN be mad at Him.

Our anger at God may not be righteous, but He understands. “For He Himself knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust” (Psalm 103:14 NASB). God is way bigger than we are. He can take our anger.

Think of it this way: a parent has a child who is frustrated and angry and throws a tantrum. The little one screams and kicks, accusing Dad of not loving him—even saying, “I hate you!”

father and daughter playingWhat does a good parent do? He waits it out. He lets the child exhaust himself then picks him up or gives him a hug or just talks calmly to him, reassuring him of his love. Maybe he explains why he did what he did (although not necessarily).

The good daddy does not take it personally. He (being the adult) knows the child is just at the end of his rope and is flailing to express himself. Kids don’t have the skills to say, “Daddy, I am so angry at you right now I could just spit. You refused me that toy and I really want it.” No, the child tries to hurt the daddy as badly as the child hurts. And what better way than screaming, “I hate you!” to the one who loves him so much?

He doesn’t mean it. Oh, at the time it may be painful to hear, but it’s the frustration and anger, not the true feelings of the child.

Does our good daddy God condemn us for expressing our anger to Him? Are we in danger of lightning bolts and plagues if we “tell Him off”?electrical storm

I don’t think so. If that were true, I would have been a crispy critter years ago.

What does He do? He waits it out. He reassures us of His love. He touches our pain and anger (if we let Him) in a holy hug. Sometimes He might explain His actions, but not too often.
He is sovereign. He doesn’t owe us an explanation.

But He also doesn’t judge us for our feelings. He knows we are lacking maturity according to His standards.

His broad shoulders and chest are there to support his children.

And He loves us through our anger.

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