Blessed be the (Soul) Ties That Bind . . . or not


Do you have soul ties? Whether you know it or not, you do. Everyone does if they are living and breathing on planet Earth.

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No exceptions.


I first heard about soul ties about twenty years ago. It was at a Family Foundations, International seminar taught by Craig Hill. He explained that a soul tie occurs when two people have a relationship or experiences that “knit” them together on an emotional (soul) level.

If you like, you can visualize a soul tie as an emotional and spiritual umbilical cord connecting two people. In the womb, nourishment can be transmitted from mother to child, but so can disease. A similar transmission occurs with soul ties—positive things (like love) can be transmitted both ways, but so can negative things (like jealousy).

Perhaps first we should define the term “soul”. The soul is one part of every human. We are all three-part beings made up of body, soul, and spirit. The soul contains the mind, will, and emotions.

Usually, classifying a soul tie is done through the emotions. Ask yourself:

·         Does your relationship generally feel positive or negative?

·         Does it consistently uplift both of you? Or downgrade either of you?

·         Is there freedom to be yourself, or does one person try to manipulate the other in a negative manner? 

·         Do thoughts of the other person continually invade your mind? Good feelings or bad?

·         Is there an issue of dependency? Is this healthy?

 we all wonder about others even when we first meet

Now let’s examine some soul tie basics:

·         Soul ties form without our realizing it.

·         Soul ties can’t be removed or broken unless someone takes action. 

·         Soul ties can be positive. These are called “holy” or “Godly” ties because they follow the original plan God devised for relationships.

·         Soul ties can be negative. These are called “unholy” or “ungodly” because they pervert God’s plan.

·         Soul ties can change from holy to unholy through persistent attitudes and actions. Holy and unholy can even co-exist in the same relationship.


So, have you discovered any soul ties in your life? Of course you have. You’re human, aren’t you? And chances are you have both holy soul ties and unholy ones.  

Hopefully the good ties far outnumber the bad.


Next time: holy soul ties

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