Blessing Overcomes Curses

Do you have a problem with bitterness? If so, you are definitely not alone.anger

Anger that is not surrendered to the Lord can easily morph into bitterness. If you have generational sin, curses, and vows in your family line, it may not even have started with you. Survivors of ritual abuse fall squarely into this category, as do descendents of satanists and cultists.

Bitterness is particularly common with trying to forgive your forebear (no matter how many generations back) who opened the door to let these generational curses and demonic activity work in your family line. And now you, an innocent bystander, suffer the consequences. It isn’t fair.

open bibleNo, it isn’t. This may be the only type of sin where God’s law allows the judgment to fall on the descendants. Inviting the dark spirits doesn’t just affect the one issuing the invitation, but all who come later. That is, until the one who understands and applies the principle of blessing comes along.

When you discover a generational curse, it’s time (or soon will be) for you to use the authority given to you as a Christian who is submitted to the authority of Jesus. I believe that some curses are removed when we accept Christ, but others need to be removed by us. The important truth is that we don’t have to live under any curses, but under the blessings of God.

I often have to talk a client through removal of generational curses in order to smooth the way for the blessings to flow. And we do it something like this:

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I go back in the spirit to the point where this generational curse began. I understand that a spiritual door was opened by someone in my line, and I now close that door. I seal it with the blood and the cross of Jesus. It can never be opened again.cross in hands

I send forgiveness to the one who opened the door and I offer blessings back through the family line. I call null and void all negative results of this sin in my family, and I declare that unholy spiritual influences can no longer come through my family line since the door has been shut.

Lord Jesus, I repent on behalf of my family line. We have sinned against You. I repent for judging this family member and for holding bitterness in my heart toward them, and even toward You. Please forgive me for taking your place as judge. I do not have that authority.

I now send blessing through the family line and my generations. I bless them with an understanding of who they are in Christ and with a full knowledge of Jesus’ love.

free girl in meadow

Remember this: just as love is stronger than hate, blessing is stronger than cursing. Bless others and yourself and see the power and love of our God.

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