Why Do I Feel So . . . Scattered?

Do you feel like you are scattered inside? Like a strong wind would blow right through you because your soul is full of holes? Those unholy soul ties could be to blame. In the last section we talked about holy soul ties. They follow the pattern for relationship established by God. They are beneficial and…

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Why Do I Feel So . . . Settled?

We all love to feel settled, safe, and complete inside. Maybe you feel that way because you have a lot of holy soul ties. Remember, they are called holy because they mesh with the pattern originated by God. Let’s discuss ways they can be formed.

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Blessed be the (Soul) Ties That Bind . . . or not

  Do you have soul ties? Whether you know it or not, you do. Everyone does if they are living and breathing on planet Earth. No exceptions.    I first heard about soul ties about twenty years ago. It was at a Family Foundations, International seminar taught by Craig Hill. He explained that a soul…

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