Do You Need a Tree Surgeon?

Cursing goes on all the time – we just don’t realize it. We hear negative things and even say them about ourselves and they become word curses. Our souls can agree with them so that we eventually become the thing that’s been said.  

Current cursing is bad enough, but we can also get stuck in generational iniquity so pervasive that it becomes a generational curse.

Yes, curses are real. They don’t all go away when we accept Jesus; certain types take root in our dry winter treesouls. He makes our spirits complete, but our souls (mind, will, emotions) still have to be renewed (II Corinthians 4:16, Romans 12:2, Ephesians 4:23). I believe the only curses that truly disappear at salvation are the ones God spoke over our Biblical ancestors because of their sin. Those were negated at the cross and we don’t have to live under them anymore.

We have learned that generational curses are usually from the laws of natural consequences. They can also result from cult members literally speaking curses over themselves and their descendants. Any group that makes its members say things like, “If I reveal the secrets of this ceremony, may my tongue swell in my mouth and may I walk through desert places until my belly splits open and my bowels spill out,” is announcing to the spirit world that they are fine with being cursed.destroyed tree

This is no game. Our words have power, whether to curse or to bless. And we have the authority given by Jesus to break curses, including generational ones.  

Maybe it’s time for some tree surgery!

Use the pattern from “As the Twig is Bent, so Grows the Tree”. First, declare that you come out of agreement with a generational curse of, for example, idolatry. Repent in proxy for the sins of the one who opened the door to the curse and repent for the generations who continued the iniquity that became a curse. You don’t have to know who started the whole mess. Simply go back spiritually to that point and declare repentance on behalf of the person.

Close the spiritual door that was opened by sin and seal it with the cross and the blood of Jesus. Declare null and void all effects of the iniquity and the curse in your family line.

What counteracts a curse? A blessing! Send blessings back along the generations and speak forgiveness over your ancestors.peacefully swinging

Now that the curse has been rendered harmless, break it according to the authority of Jesus. Declare it is powerless over your family. Cleanse yourself and your family line of all evil associated with the curse.

What if there is demonic influence involved in the curse?

We’ll talk about that next time.

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