Does God Give Up?

Boy, just when you think you’ve gotten through all the junk from your past, something else smacks you in the face! Why?

Six years after finishing a long, long round of counseling and emotional healing, I figured I was all fixed. Sure, I had a few rough areas left–who doesn’t–but surely those would take care of themselves as I matured and learned more about God. Not so much!

Now I am discovering that we are supposed to learn to know Him, not just about Him.

Turns out, He has bigger plans for me. His ways are higher than my ways, as the scripture says in Isaiah 55:9. And right now, I am involved with a five-woman ministry team which is developing a conference to help women be healed and delivered from defilement and shame. We’ve all been there. And God is using these women to stir stuff in me that’s been so deeply buried that I didn’t  even recognize them. Didn’t know they were there. But they were.

So now, the struggle continues as God changes me more into His image and prepares me to help lead others to incredible healing.

He gave me a respite, sure. And it was pretty nice. But He never gave up on His plan.

And He won’t ever give up on you, either.

All you have to do is follow His lead.