We Inherited Jesus’ Authority. Why Don’t We Use It?

We know Jesus gave us authority. It’s His and He delegates it to us as His joint heirs. It’s our inheritance. So, why don’t we use it?

Let’s go further:

  •  We don’t know how. So many churches and preachers don’t teach about this. It can be a scary subject, admittedly. But if Christianity is to be a relationship and not a religion, then we have to be willing to develop that relationship. That includes becoming the people He has called us to be and doing the things He has said we would do.drawing of church


  • We are afraid of making a mistake. But if we fear being wrong, we never do anything. Mistakes are part of life and growth, and I’ve made plenty of them. The only way to get past this is to listen for His voice, to step out in what He says, and to trust that He will support us as we follow Him. He will never leave us or forsake us. We often forget the depths of that promise.
  • We have a “let Joe do it” mentality. We delegate all “spiritual” works to those in full-time ministry. But Jesus said His disciples would do all that He did, and more. I’m a disciple—aren’t you? And speaking of “spiritual” works . . . dividing life into sacred and secular is a mistake. If we are in Christ and He is in us, everything we do (aside from actual sin) is sacred. Bathing your child, punching a time clock, eating lunch—all sacred. We are sanctified, set apart for His purposes. And if His purpose for a particular moment is for you to take a nap, then napping at that time is sacred.
  • We think we are not worthy. Not qualified. We are too wounded. Too broken. Too screwed bandaging the woundsup. Yep, we are. By human standards. But God uses vessels in all stages of disrepair. Thank God we don’t have to be whole to work in His kingdom. I would have missed a lot of opportunities if that were true. Hey, I’m not perfect (yet!), but God lets me tag along with Him and lend a hand.

What’s keeping you from acting on the authority Jesus has delegated to you?

How do we know when to use this authority? We know from scripture that certain things are always God’s will, like asking Him for healing or deliverance or salvation. It’s always His will for us to bless. To break an unholy vow or soul tie. To break a curse, whether it’s generational or one simply spoken over us. These are times to use your authority.

Other circumstances call for His specific truth and wisdom. Are you supposed to exercise your authority by declaring, by decreeing, by binding or loosing? Or is He telling you to wait? Is it time to rest or to move? Are you to act alone or with others? Ask Him, listen for the answer, then follow through.

faithNo matter what you’ve been through and how much damage has been done, you are not disqualified. God wants to use you to further His kingdom. And He loves you enough to help you.

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