How Does God Speak to You?

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The Bible has all sorts of examples of God speaking to people, from Joseph and Mary to Saul to Moses and beyond. And He spoke in different ways to each.

Variety seems to be high on His list!


Sometimes He talks to me like a Jewish grandmother.

You know, with a bit of scolding in the voice. He had been telling me to simplify my life and I had reached the point where I only had commitments to my job and the Master’s in Christian Counseling program. I told Him, “I only have these left, and I have to work.” His reply? “Did I tell you to do that program in the first place?” Oops!

Ever heard His audible voice?

Me, neither. But once I heard Him speak to my heart so strongly I was surprised it wasn’t audible. I was feeling unloved and ignored for my work teaching the women’s group at church. I told myself, “I guess they really don’t appreciate me.” Quick as could be, He said, “I DO.” Wow! That changed my attitude immediately.

God speaks to us through impressions, through gifts and special things we see, and through our deepest feelings. He speaks to us through Scripture (logos) and through personal words (rhema). Our responsibility is to discern when He does speak. We listen and follow His leading, whether He asks us to do something specific or gives more general direction to our path.

Sometimes He just reassures us of His love, like any good father.

During my morning prayer time, I always try (and sometimes fail) to take the time to say, “Father God, I am here. What do you have for me today?” And then I wait quietly. It can take a second or several minutes. This morning I nearly went back to sleep!
But when I give Him the time and attention, when I open my heart to hear from Him, He speaks. He may remind me of something that needs to get done that day. He might bring someone to mind so I can pray for them. Or He might let me feel His love once, cross and crown of thorns

Truly listening to God has a few prerequisites:

Lay down any expectations. Let Him surprise you. He loves to do that!

Surrender any borders and defenses. Let Him reach inside your soul so He can reveal, cleanse, heal, restore . . . whatever He wants. He only wants the best for you.

Be patient. You may not hear clearly for awhile. That doesn’t mean He isn’t communicating. It may mean you lack focus or patience. You may be angry at Him over something. Or He may be challenging you to dig deeper. He tends not to shout.

ID-100280863You already know His voice—Jesus said so in John 10:27! Still, do you wonder sometimes if what you hear is what He is saying?

Ask Him for clarification. He’s happy to do so. Why would He want you to misunderstand Him?

God speaks to each of us as we can receive. And listening to God does take practice.

But the result is marvelous!

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