Misunderstanding of “Laying Down Your Soul”

we all wonder about others even when we first meetI can hear you asking, “If we keep preferring one another, how do we keep from going around in circles with no one making a decision?”

That’s so frustrating! And it loses the concept of allowing God to give us His desires. If we know, surely and deeply, that He is operating in our lives, we have the conviction that our desires are holy and unselfish.

Have you been in situations like the one above? I have. It just makes me want to shake somebody and tell them, “make a decision, already!” Of course, I don’t do that. I usually just take the reins and offer some suggestions.

Those who consistently do this are not laying down their souls for others. They are deferring responsibility, usually from fear of being wrong or of angering or disappointing the others. They might think they are acting unselfishly but it’s actually quite prideful. They are thinking of themselves rather than the others, concerned about their own souls.



It’s not a loving action. It often leads to anger, because the group will undoubtedly do something in which this person had no input. Then the person will feel unwanted, put upon, and possibly rejected. In other words, lonely.


Now, there are exceptions to the scenario. Sometimes I’ve been just so fatigued after working all day that I am incapable of making a decision. Ever had that happen? This is also common with mothers of young children. And then there is the type who really and truly doesn’t care what the group decides. She is happy just to be socializing. However, she will offer suggestions when needed instead of expecting others to do all the work.

These two types are actually laying down their souls in a way that honors their current state of being as well as honoring the group. They won’t respond with anger or loneliness.

The one who lays down her soul does so with full understanding that what she suggests is influenced by the God within her. She consistently asks Him to give her His mind, will, and emotions. She lives in God, and He in her.footprints in sand

Continually laying down your soul will become a glorious way of surrendering to God. It will improve your relationships with God, yourself, and others, by doing it through God’s love.

It will keep you from the sins of pride and lust. It will help keep you from thinking of yourself and your pain.

And it will help keep loneliness away.

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