Warring Through Worship

Do you think of worship as a hushed, reverent time when your heart turns to God and His love while soothing music plays? That’s one aspect, and a lovely and important one it is.

But do you ever think of worship in terms of warfare?

One of the best phrases I’ve heard to differentiate praise from worship is simple: praise is thanking God for what He’s done and worship is thanking Him for who He is. Praise honors His deeds and worship honors His person and character.cross in hands

What about music? There are a ton of Psalms that are music-based. All of them, in fact. The name for psalms in Hebrew is tehilim, meaning praises, while our English translation is from the Greek word psalmoi meaning instrumental music, and the words that accompany it.
But can you worship without music? Since worship is simply honoring God for His person and character, you should be able to. After all, you can raise your heart and mind to Him anytime, anyplace, in any circumstance, with or without accompaniment. Speaking your words of honor aloud is a form of warfare.

How can worship be warfare? Any time we call on God, verbally acknowledge His presence, or connect with Him, it has the effect of bringing heaven to earth (even if it’s just in our own lives). warrior knightWhen we speak the words He puts in our hearts and minds, especially if they refer to a situation or a person we are concerned about, it engages the battle. I occasionally find myself pacing the church aisles while the music plays, praying vehemently about something. Often it’s in tongues (according to the Holy Spirit’s leading), but it can also be in English. This is indeed worship, because I am acknowledging God’s presence and how much He cares about His people and their situations.

When I am using worship as warfare, I am in effect saying with Jesus, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” (Matthew 6:10 NASB). Any time we agree with what God says about the circumstances and speak it back to Him, we are warring for His kingdom to be manifest on earth. And we know we are praying according to His will.

Have you utilized this important weapon in warfare? Have you ever realized the power it contains?colonial soldier

We are all called to be warriors in and for His kingdom, but too often we narrow our focus. We think of warfare as a specific technique, and defer the responsibility to those who seem to be good at that technique.

Broaden your horizons to encompass all the weapons we are encouraged to utilize in the continuing battle. There are many, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find a few in your comfort zone. Of course, stepping out of your comfort zone will come soon enough. (Deep breath!)

You will become a more effective warrior with practice and patience as God leads you.

We have several other weapons to discuss, Don’t give up!

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all illustrations courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net