Why Do We Quit too Soon?

What reasons do we use for quitting the healing journey?

There are probably as many reasons as there are survivors, but today let’s discuss some of the most common:
1. I am just too tired to continue.

Examine yourself. Is it physical, emotional, or mental fatigue? Have you been pushing hard in general and your body is saying, “enough, already?” Have you exhausted your emotional reserves and need some time to recharge?tired on couch

It’s fine to take some time off to rejuvenate. However, be sure to set a limit on the time off and determine a time to resume. If you don’t, a week will stretch into a month, into three months, etc. The longer you rest, the harder it will be to get started again. (Just like summer vacation!)


2. I don’t have enough money.

Have you had some unexpected expenses recently and are struggling with which bills to pay?

money treeIf so, most Christian counselors will be willing to work with you. Some will set up a payment plan, some will lower the fees or even offer free sessions for a while. But if your money is getting tight, please don’t use it as an excuse to stop pursuing freedom. The enemy would love for that to happen.






3. I am healed up and doing just fine, thank you.

It’s wonderful when we feel the effects of healing. It’s also easy to decide that we are healed when we’re actually not. It’s kind of like getting into a swimming pool. The lack of gravity feels great, but when you get out, you feel it again.wounded heart

Jesus expects us to walk out our healing, and that means we have some good periods and some not-so-good ones. And sometimes, frankly, we wonder if we’ve received any healing at all. It’s a process. And it’s important not to cut the process short.

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