Can You Bless Yourself?

cross in handsDid you read the blessings on my New Year’s post? I hope you chose to receive them, because we certainly can refuse blessings that are offered.

But what if no one is blessing you? Maybe you live alone and are retired or self-employed. Maybe your church doesn’t teach about the power of the blessing so you know of no one who can bless you.

I have good news! You can certainly bless yourself. You have the authority. You are called as a priest in the Kingdom of God.

It can be easier to bless others than yourself. I discovered that. Have you ever found it easier to pray for someone else than praying for yourself? It’s similar. In order to bless yourself and have good results, it’s important to ask God for a revelation of the blessing. If you are blessing while doubting, it could very well fall away. However, if you are blessing with the understanding of God’s will and His authority given to you, you will find more bible

Start with Scripture. There are lots of good things there that you can bless yourself with.

For example, are you facing a decision? Bless yourself with the wisdom promised in James 1:5.

Are you physically ill? Bless yourself with healing according to Psalm 103:3 and 118:17 and Matthew 8:17.

Are you depressed or emotionally distressed? Bless yourself with peace according to John 16:33 and Psalm 46:1

Of course, there are tons of scripture verses that we can utilize in blessing. I recommend you search out a group of them and ask Jesus to reveal His choice for you. Which ones speak more strongly to you?

The pattern is exactly like what you saw in my previous post. Start with something like this:

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and by the authority He has given me as a priest in His kingdom, I bless myself with . . . (whatever your current need is. You can also bless your future with things like strength, healing, wholeness, peace, a greater knowledge of God, etc.).

I choose to receive this blessing in my body, soul, and

Be persistent. Often, you will be chipping away at a pile of old curses and it can take a while to see a result.

You are not alone. Even if you are not receiving blessings from someone else, Jesus and you together can accomplish it.

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