Choose Life by Choosing to Die



My pastor jokes about getting business cards that say, “We just want to help you die.”


A bit macabre, is it? But it’s true. One main function of the church is to help us die to self. And that dying leads us to true life.

God always calls us to choose life. “I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants,” (Deuteronomy 30:19, NASB).

Fear of death is common to us all. And it’s not just fear of physical death—that is “one and done”. There are lots of types of death: death of reputation, death of self-esteem, of finances, of relationship, of health, etc. Depending on the circumstances, we often come face to face with some type of death.

For example, when someone tells you how ugly you are, they throw death at you.

Do you ever choose death over life? We all do. We choose death when we allow others to damage us through what they say. But death only comes if you receive it. If you are firmly rooted in the truth that Christ gives, death of whatever type cannot grab a foothold.

But what if those comments feel true? What if they bring pain and confusion and self-judgment?

Choose life by choosing to die.

depressed and questioning

It’s time to die to yourself. Choose to die to those comments and receive truth.

If someone says or does something to cause you emotional pain, don’t just accept it as being true. Don’t give it a place in your heart.

When arrows come at you, allow them to go through you and into Jesus. Put another way, instead of accepting them, ask Jesus what He says. Others may not speak the truth, but Jesus does.

A while back a lady spoke at church. She talked about being overwhelmed by how big God is and how small we are. We are a speck of sand compared to His greatness. Well, that’s truth. But rather than my feeling fear or even discomfort at the thought, I felt God starry nightsaid to me, “Yeah, but you’re My speck.”

That confirmation and affirmation reminded me of His truth. I knew, without a shadow of a shadow of a doubt, that I belonged to God and nothing could take me from His hand.


So when words come against you, no matter where they come from, let Jesus speak to you. Ask Him for His truth. He will never lie to you. Even His correction is reassuring instead of condemning.

Will you make the choice?

Live by dying.

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