Curses and Demons and Vows, Oh My!

As a teenager, I was in my church’s touring youth choir. One balmy night in Arizona most of the girls gathered in a motel room to pray together. It all started going south when someone declared a demon was present, and soon a bunch of nearly hysterical teen girls were freaking out about demons jumping on them. Those pesky bad guys were everywhere!


Chalk it up to “groupthink” or girlish imagination or whatever. Even at sixteen (and never being the hysterical type), I realized something was amiss. I couldn’t figure out how all these good Christian girls could be attacked by demons at the same time.  frustrated woman

But just because you won’t find a demon “behind every bush”, don’t think they don’t exist. Indeed they do, and they find ways to harass us, even after we become Christians. Oh, they can’t touch our spirits – those are wholly righteous. Our souls are another story. And if we have a generational iniquity, or worse, a generational curse that includes demonic influence, they have a legal right to harass. Not inhabit, but influence through lies and threats.

Demonic forces that have been hanging around for generations in a family are the toughest to get rid of. I think it’s because the legal ground is so well-established and long-lived that we often don’t know where to start. If you have a family history of satanism, freemasonry, or witchcraft, the spirits are seriously entrenched. They were invited through ceremonies and vows and strengthened by generations of the same actions.

I wondered all my life why I had memory gaps and distorted emotions, as well as an inability to relate to others. As it turns out, my great-grandfather was a high-level Freemason. His participation in secret ceremonies invited demonic forces to enter our family line.

dry winter treeRemember the post, “As the Twig is Bent, so Grows the Tree”?

In that post we talked about God’s judgment continuing to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Him. (Natural consequences, not punishing the children for their fathers’ sins). Though no one beyond my grandfather was involved, the spirits were established.

I am the fourth generation, and I called a halt to it. However, the generational spirits weren’t easy to evict. I attended an incredible weekend seminar on “Freedom from Freemasonry” when we read through and broke every single curse listed for every level of masonic involvement. We repented for what our families had said and done. And we prayed for one another.

In his final meeting, Joe King (UK) and others fought for my deliverance with me. I broke all agreement with the vows and curses that had been made and we commanded the spirits to leave once and for all. It took some serious warfare, but they left. I was exhausted for days.

The deliverance was complete. The vows and the generational curses were broken and the demonic spirits associated with them were evicted.

Demonic entities exist, and some hold on strongly to a generational connection. Forgiveness, breaking vows, and blessing are essential. But once the legal ground is taken away, they can be evicted. They have to leave when their invitation has been rescinded.

jumping in freedomLet freedom reign!

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