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When I took early retirement, I had a plan in mind. That plan was to help people through Biblical counseling, and to write.

Well, here it is! My first novel, “Dark Heritage” is officially released to the public! It is the first of a trilogy named “From the Darkness”. 

Interested in reading a blurb?

Diana Foster and Erika Samuelsson, two women haunted by the dark pasts of their families, strike up an unlikely friendship after being introduced by Erika’s bubbly teenage daughter, Sarah, a budding gymnast. The two slowly begin to reveal their painful family secrets and, with the help of each other and the Holy Spirit, begin the healing process. But can Erika’s family ever be truly restored? Will Diana’s entanglement with a mysterious sect finally destroy her once and for all? And will her newfound circle of friends be able to save her from the clutches of dark forces before it’s too late?


Here’s the link to “Dark Heritage” for more information and for ordering. http://www.pulsepub.net/dark-heritage.html


Each book of the trilogy can stand alone, but follows the lives of various characters. Each takes characters who are either thrown into darkness, grew up in darkness, or made bad choices toward darkness, and now find their way out of it.

The second novel, Dark Justice, tells of the trial of Dark Heritage’s villain, while Doctor Kate goes to Kenya with Doctors Worldwide. This American Christian doctor and her Ethiopian Jew coworker get kidnapped by Islamic terrorists.

The third novel, Dark Redemption, tells of the healing and return of Diana Foster (from Dark Heritage) while Erika and teenage Sarah go on a Caribbean cruise and become stranded due to unseen opposition.


I have received so much healing and learning from God that I am putting some of it into my fictional stories. Sharing is always fun, but even more so when it’s done like this!


Be Blessed


the musical illustration is courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net