How Can I Fix This Scattered Feeling?

What do people want? The wonderfully settled feeling of holy soul ties. What do they have instead? The scattered feeling of unholy ones.

Of course, we want to continue the holy ties. But how do we counter the damage caused by unholy ones? How do we rid ourselves of them?

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I’m glad you asked!


Breaking unholy soul ties is really pretty simple and can be done even if you are unsure if one exists.

Here’s the pattern:

  • In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I take the sword of the Spirit and I sever this unholy soul tie with . . .  (name the other person). It is important to speak the name of the other person, living or dead. Our words have power.
  • I take back whatever is holy to me that was taken by (name) and I take back everything I gave, whether freely or unwillingly.
  • I send back to (name) whatever is holy to (name) that was taken by me and I send back everything (name) gave, whether freely or unwillingly.
  • I repent and ask forgiveness for my actions that allowed this soul tie to form and continue (idolatry, sex outside marriage, etc., including attitudes such as fear, anger, or distrust of God).
  • I take the section of the severed tie that remains connected to me and I lift it up to Jesus for His nurturing and restoration. (This forms a holy tie with Him.)
  • I thank you, Jesus, for showing me the truth and for restoring my scattered soul.human brain

NOTE: soul ties can be re-formed if you allow them to, but they can also be re-broken when it becomes necessary. This most commonly happens when we return to the sinful attitudes or actions that allowed the unholy tie to form. For example if you’ve broken ties with someone then resume having sexual relations, unholy ties will re-form. If you allow rage to build against someone you’ve previously forgiven and broken ties with, those ties can re-form.

If you feel emotionally scattered, if you just can’t get someone out of your mind, or if thinking about someone makes you angry at God or yourself, ask Him about it. You may have allowed an unholy soul tie to come back. You probably didn’t realize you were forming the tie again or perhaps had even tried to guard against it.

Be aware that some very strong ties can be tough to get rid of because you are still in relationship with that person (for example, an abusive spouse or a person that you have put in the place of God).


God is faithful, even when others are not. Let Him guide you with His wisdom when you think an unholy soul tie might exist.

And don’t forget to follow through.

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