Is a Career Becoming Your Identity?

We could go on all day about false sources of identity.

hypocriteEverybody seems to have a new tack on the subject. We are incredibly good at accepting the lies about us that lead us to accept false identities.


I admit to falling into the “career” trap. I thought I would work as a physician assistant until retirement when I hit sixty-five. But God had other plans. He knew I was in danger of taking on yet another false identity, as if I didn’t have enough of them already.


When my career ended prematurely (according to my schedule), I asked God, “What’s up with this? I thought You called me to medicine.” His answer blew me away. He told me He called me to be a healer. I am still discovering the myriad aspects of that calling.

Now, this source of false identity does tend to be more of a problem among men, but it’s not exclusive. He sees himself as only being worthy of love, life, and success if he is working. He may believe he is only “a man” if he provides well for his family.doorway to the mind

Many men have died prematurely after retirement because they carry this false identity and when it disappears they feel lost. They no longer have a place to go every day. No real reason to live.

A career, like parenthood and marriage, should also be viewed as an important role, but not an identity.

Have you noticed the common thread here? Roles that we fulfill can become false identities if we allow it. It’s important to recognize the difference.

How can we tell if a “happy” role is becoming an identity? Ask yourself if:

  • You have very little to talk about besides the role you fill.
  • You derive satisfaction and fulfillment from virtually nothing but the role.
  • You literally can’t imagine yourself doing anything else. I am not talking about being convinced of your calling, but living in fear of your life changing in such a way that your role is no longer needed or available to you.
  • You believe that you are only useful, valuable, acceptable, Godly, or loved within that role. In other words, your value and self-worth are completely wrapped up in it.we all wonder about others even when we first meet

Anything that affects our lives can eventually become a false identity to us. Only God can give us our true identity.

He knows His purpose in creating us. And He is the only one who loves us unconditionally.

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