Is Fear of Change Hindering Your Healing?

What makes you feel afraid?

If you saw an angel, for example, would you be afraid? When an angel appeared to folks in the Bible, they were always greeted with “Don’t be afraid.” stained glass angel

How about if you felt a huge spider on your hand? If you saw a snake? Maybe the thought of flying makes your knees weak.

Honestly, there are too many kinds of fear to number. Studies tell us that fear of public speaking tops the list for most people, along with fear of death. But fear of change is right up there, too.


Healing is change. And we fear what we don’t know. Clients have told me they are afraid of being healed because they don’t know who they will be. Will they even like themselves after healing? Will they lose their sense of humor, their problem-solving skill, their empathy?
The fear of the unknown fights with the fear of staying in the familiar. At least we know how to deal with our current pain. It may not be what we want, but it’s what we know.choosing a path, making a decision

God understands our fear of change. After all, He knows the future. And while He heals us from our past, He helps us live in the present. As He rebuilds us, He doesn’t “toss out the baby with the bathwater.” No, He takes the portions He created and restores them to their original, sanctified and healthy state.

The only parts that are gone are those that were created in self-defense. Those parts were never meant to be there in the first place.

Don’t let your fear of the unknown stop your progress. Remember, God is already there. Jesus walks the path with you. And Holy Spirit guides your way.

hope flying

Put your hope in God. Allow His perfect love to overcome your fear.

He knows who you were meant to be. And it’s glorious!

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