Learning Too Much Can Stop Your Progress

I love learning. Always have. Show me something new and I get all excited.

I even wrote a story bout how my mom helped me learn things for school when I was kid—I must have inherited this love!

woman studyingBut consider this: too much knowledge can be a problem. 2 Timothy 3:7 illustrates my point:

“always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth”. (NASB)

I know women who cannot seem to reach the place of God’s truth and healing because they have learned too much. When God brings memories of the abuse they suffered, they question if the memories are real, deciding that they are remembering something they read or heard or learned.

Their knowledge actually ties God’s hands because it interferes with the expression of their trust in Him.

When I was on the healing journey, I determined not to research my problem. Not to read about cult activities and programming. Not to ask others about their experiences. Not to check out every possible avenue, every minister or doctor who claimed to be having great success in dealing with cult abuse survivors. I now know that this was wisdom inspired by God.

This determination helped me along the path. I learned quickly that the weird memories were real. I did wonder about it sometimes, but God faithfully confirmed the reality for me.jumping in freedom

Knowing I hadn’t filled my mind with knowledge that would have no benefit at the time allowed me to hear truth from God. And now that the journey is complete, I can do the research to benefit others and myself.

Now there is no conflict.


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