Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

What would you think if you perceived an angel nearby? Would you feel like you were unworthy of such an encounter? Would it frighten you or reassure you? Such questions – we never know how we would react, at least not the first time.stained glass angel

We also can’t know how we will react the first time we encounter a demonic (or dark) spirit. We all like to think we would use our authority in Christ and bind that spirit before dispensing with it. However, the more realistic scenario would have us freaking out, being frozen in fear, shaking in our boots – right?

That’s what happened to me. I was awakened many times in the middle of the night as a child. Often it was from a night terror, and just as often it was from the sudden realization that one or more demonic entities were in the room with me. Since their goal is to terrorize us, it’s not surprising that I was paralyzed with fear. I couldn’t even raise my head from the pillow or call out for help. I was afraid to breathe too hard – what if they came closer and hurt me?

Then as I got older and learned more about who I was in Christ, I started reacting as a warrior stained-glass knightshould. At first, I could only whisper the name of Jesus while I practically held my breath in fear. Later, I told them in Jesus’ name to leave. Then I started getting mad. As an adult, eventually I told them they had no right to be in my bedroom and to get out. Funny, after a few encounters like that, they left me alone. Guess they got tired of having the blood, name, and authority of Jesus brought against them.

A friend was in India on a mission trip and she awoke to see a whole crowd of demonic faces, complete with glowing red eyes. They were staring at her in her room. Of course, by then she was mature enough to deal with them, and did.

Have you ever perceived an evil presence? Why do you think that happens? I believe we are gifted at certain times with the ability to discern spirits, both good and evil, for the purpose of bringing heaven to earth through appropriate responses. If we have Christ in us, He gives us the authority to treat spirits just like He did. He dispatched angels according to His Father’s word and will. He cast out demons and released people from the captivity they were in.

stained glass JesusWe don’t do anything in this realm without following the orders of our Commander. To do otherwise would be dangerous and foolhardy. Even Jesus said He did nothing unless He saw His Father doing it. Remember, while Jesus was on earth, He was not acting as God until Calvary; He restricted HImself to acting as a man who was filled with the Holy Spirit, who was in constant communication with Father God.

When you receive this gift, understand that God trusts you to use it as He wants you to. Do nothing on your own, but only what you perceive Him telling you. His perfect love casts out all fear (I John 4:18).

Let’s talk more next time about this.




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