Rest Within Your Work

“Let us therefore labor to enter into that rest . . . .” — Hebrews 4:11 (KJV)

journalIn my many years practicing medicine as a physician assistant, I found the clinic work day was rarely long enough to finish everything I was expected to do.

Now that I’m a writer and prayer minister/Biblical counselor and self-employed, the deadlines are usually self-imposed: blog, website, revisions, new pieces, webinars, meetings, etc.

Argh! Always too much to do and too little time to rest.

But we are told to labor to enter that rest. Sounds like an oxymoron. Just how does that work?

Consider this: our earthly labors are the tasks we have been called to by our loving God who knows our limitations. We put more pressure on ourselves than He ever has.

Perhaps our laboring to enter His rest is laboring to put away our notions of productivity and our fears of being inadequate. Of being the wife, mother, friend, and writer we think we should be—and all at the same time!

IMG_0037Of trying to be perfect, to earn approval, to be worthy.

Of comparing our achievements with others’.

God is faithful to tell us what to do next when we remember to ask.

Sometimes He tells us to take a walk when the work is piled in front of us and we feel overwhelmed. And if we obey, our minds are clearer and our productivity soars when we come back. We have entered into His rest within our work, not at its completion.

It can be hard to take the rest we need when the work sits there and glares at us. But God knows what we need.

Please join me as we labor to enter into His rest this season.


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