Shame covers me
like an old wool coat,
Heavy, rough, it even smells musty.
It doesn’t let me breathe . . .
I can’t get out from under it.shamed woman in heavy coat

I let them do it. Nothing can ever change that.
There is no hope . . . I can’t get rid of it.
Nothing I do will ever wash it clean.
There’s no power that can change it . . .
Even Jesus won’t accept me.

But now I see Him . . . beaten,
jeered and leered at, spat on . . . 
shamed, cross and crown of thorns

He was innocent . . . but so was I.
I let them do it . . . but so did He.
He was shamed . . . so was I . . .
but He let them shame Him
so my shame could be taken away.
The shame belongs to those who hurt him,
And to those who hurt me.
Just as it does not belong to Him,
It does not belong to me.
And it does not belong to you.
Never did.

Let Jesus have it.

Let it go.



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