Ways to Protect the Innocent by Using Your Authority

In some ways we are just like God. We can’t use our spiritual authority against other people to violate their free will. To try that would be equivalent to witchcraft. It’s flat-out manipulation.

So, let’s talk about how we can come against the evil actions of people.

Ever wonder why these evil actions seem to be unopposed? Why people can hurt, maim, torture, even kill innocent children seemingly without consequences? Me, too. I have yet to find a definitive answer.frightened child

Maybe that’s the problem – there is no single answer. What I do know is that some people who are given authority over children (their own, their grandkids, teachers with students, pastors with parishioners, etc.) do not exercise that authority to protect and nurture those who depend on others. Instead, they go the other direction and use that authority to hurt, like an abuser within a family.

Or those who should protect (either physically or through their spiritual, God-given authority) refuse to act. Often this is because of the reasons we discussed previously. Sometimes it’s from ignorance of the true situation. I think several issues are usually at play, including the fear of being misunderstood or of alienating the adult and causing more harm to come to the child.

If you have some authority over a child who is being hurt, and cannot physically rescue them for whatever reason, your mission is to come against the spirit behind the abuse.spirit world

1. Declare aloud that this child is innocent and not deserving of such treatment.
2. Remind the spirit world that you have the authority of Christ.
3. Break any curses that have come against the child, including generational curses of abuse, idolatry, addiction, rage, bitterness, and rebellion. Anything that shows up as a pattern of negative behavior in the family history may actually be a curse.
4. Bind any spirits of rage or wrath, murder, misogyny (a hatred of women and girls, often seen in a Masonic background), idolatry, addiction, bitterness, and rebellion. I always send these demonic entities to the feet of Jesus to stand silently before Him, releasing Him to do with them as He wills.
5. Bless the child with peace, strength, and love. Add any other blessing that God brings to mind.
6. Bless the abuser (I know, it’s hard!) with peace, self-control, and a full saving knowledge of Jesus and His love. Blessing overcomes curses.
7. Repeat as often as necessary. Be patient.frustrated woman Be bold and speak with authority.

Are you one who has experienced the trauma of severe abuse? Do you feel furious at God for letting it happen, even though you know He won’t violate free will?

I understand.

I’ve ranted and raged at Him over the stuff from my past. The stuff that kept me from feeling normal. It kept me from knowing His love, not just in my head but in my heart. I’ve demanded answers as to why He waited so long to heal me.

He never gave an excuse. No definitive answer. However, He helped me understand that He had to wait until all the pieces necessary for healing were in place.

Then He let me feel His pain at having to do it that way. My mind still argued, but my heart was touched by His.

Are you willing to let Him touch your heart?

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