What if God Doesn’t Want Me to be Healed?

Maybe God has a higher purpose for my emotional pain. After all, He put me in the family (or any other situation) where I was abused. It’s probably His will for me to live with this pain—He can get glory from it.

I’ve heard people say things like this. And it hurts to think they truly believe it.

wounded heartScripture is chock full of references to healing, mostly physical, but some emotional. Jesus Himself declared in Matthew 15:26-28 that healing was bread for the children (God’s kids, like you and me!). That sounds to me like He wants us to be healed. And not just partway, but completely.

The sentence at the beginning is simply a lie. And like all the lies the enemy tells us, it has a kernel of truth: God CAN get glory from any situation. But to think that He wants us to continue to live in torment, in emotional anguish, so that He can garner a bit more glory? I don’t think so!

Jesus said that if His people didn’t praise Him, the very rocks would cry out (Luke 19:40). If dumb ID-100199456old rocks could do that, why would God need us to suffer continually for a bit more glory to be given to Him?



We know folks in wheelchairs can certainly live a full and fruitful life and can do a lot in this world. Certain professions offer great opportunity to them, but they still are limited by their physical condition.

Abuse survivors start out as though they are in wheelchairs. And, just like a physical handicap, that emotional pain hinders them. Wouldn’t God get a lot more service from someone who was emotionally healed, strong, and whole?surrendered and victorious

I admit I was able to minister to others before and during my healing journey. I ministered with what I had already been given, but couldn’t go further than that (II Corinthians 1:4). However, I can do a lot more now. I am surer of God’s love and of Jesus’ strength. I can talk about my stuff to those who are willing to listen (in God’s guidance) without fear of being judged.

My healing has become a powerful base of operations. I could never have done this much before.

Remember, His love heals. And that Love is infinite, powerful, and YOURS–before, during, and after the healing journey.

God wants you to be whole. Now that brings Him bunches of glory! He points to you and says, “Hey, look at my daughter! Isn’t she beautiful and strong? She pursued healing until she reached it. I am so proud of her!”

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