Why Do I Feel So . . . Scattered?

Do you feel like you are scattered inside? Like a strong wind would blow right through you because your soul is full of holes? Those unholy soul ties could be to blame.

In the last section we talked about holy soul ties. They follow the pattern for relationship established by God. They are beneficial and a major reason why we feel close to people.

Unholy soul ties can also be formed and, believe me, they cause lots of problems:

  • A common way to form them is by having sex outside the covenant of marriage (read about covenant in Part 2). The two becoming one still holds as a spiritual law, but because the union is not blessed by marriage, the ties are unholy and lead to fracturing of the souls of both parties.sexual encounters cause soul ties

This causes you to feel emotionally scattered. It also causes distance between husband and wife, whether it happens before or during the marriage.

Having more sexual encounters with different people causes more fracturing and more unholy soul ties, even if you are in a “committed” relationship. Commitment does not equal covenant and does not carry the same blessing and spiritual/emotional protection.

  • Unholy soul ties occur when you put a person in the place of God. Expecting that person to be the source of your comfort and provision, to take care of you and meet all your needs is an impossible dream in the natural. It’s also idolatry – only God can do all that.cross in sunlight
  • If you are married but have an “emotional affair,” it will cause an unholy soul tie—you have put someone else in the place only your spouse is entitled to inhabit.
  • A traumatic experience can cause the formation of an unholy soul tie with the person involved. If you were raped, the tie is formed by the trauma as well as the sexual act. If you were abused, a tie is formed with the abuser and can manifest as rage and hatred rather than righteous anger and forgiveness.

Ever have real problems letting go of something or someone? Maybe it’s an unholy soul tie.

heart on a pedestal, heart on the ground

  • Unholy soul ties can originate as holy ones but become corrupted. If you truly love someone, that’s a holy tie. But if you elevate them to an inappropriate position the holy tie can be replaced with an unholy one.  Have you ever heard someone say, “I can’t live without you”? This is incredibly unhealthy. It can be evidence of codependency.



  • An unholy tie can coexist with a holy one for a while in the same relationship. Chances are it will corrupt the holy one. Even if it doesn’t, it will damage the relationship because it’s usually associated with a deep fear of loss. Possible codependency again.


Soul ties can be so complicated! Thank goodness we aren’t in the dark about them anymore.


Next time: what to do about soul ties

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