"Jehovah Sneaky"

God loves you!

Believe it?

I sure didn’t—not for many years, until the day Phil Driscoll (a fantastic trumpeter for God) came to our church. That Sunday he mentioned his son,  also a trumpet player. He said he loved to listen to his son play, since his son’s music reflected his own. He also reminded us that God sees us in the same way—we are a reflection of Him. Then Phil started to play.

That  day I received a surprise: an unasked-for and completely unexpected baptism of love from the Father. In my mind’s eye, I saw a party favor. When I raised my hands or my voice in worship, it curled up. But when I simply opened my heart, it straightened and became a silver conduit. I wept through the service as Father’s love overwhelmed my heart.

This incredible experience ended years of doubting and fearing that love. I once told God I loved him and felt Him reply, as if from a distance, “I love you, too.” It scared me so much, I pushed it away.

That baptism of love prepared me for the healing journey that began a few years later. It was hard, even painful much of the time. And when I couldn’t find His love, I knew it was still there, somewhere. Gradually, trust and confidence replaced fear and pain. There were actual causes for my pain, for the memory gaps and emotional turmoil. I really wasn’t crazy. I was a survivor of ritual abuse. And I was dissociative. 

As I healed, I learned how to help others on their healing journeys. And I know God will provide what you need, even if He has to be a little “sneaky” about it.

Let God uplift you.
Come soar with me.

CF Sherrow