"Jehovah Sneaky"

God loves you!

Believe it?

I sure didn’t—not for many years. Until the day Phil Driscoll (a fantastic trumpeter for God) came to our church. That Sunday he spoke about his son, also a trumpet player. He said he loved to hear his son play, because he was a reflection of him. That’s how God sees us. Then Phil started to play. And that was the day I received a surprise. It was an unasked-for and completely unexpected baptism of love from the Father.

In my mind’s eye, I saw a party favor. When I raised my hands or my voice in worship, it curled up. But when I simply opened my heart, it straightened out and became a silver conduit. I wept through the service as Father’s love overwhelmed my heart.

This incredible experience ended years of doubting and fearing that love. I once told God I loved him and felt Him reply, as if from a distance, “I love you, too.” It scared me so much, I pushed it away.

That baptism of love prepared me for the healing journey I began a few years later. It was hard, even painful at times. But when I had nothing else to hold onto, I knew His love was still there. Gradually, trust and confidence replaced fear and pain. I really wasn’t crazy. There were actual causes for my pain, for the memory gaps and emotional turmoil.

As I healed, I learned how to help others on their healing journeys. And I know God will provide what you need, even if He has to be a little “sneaky” about it.

Let God uplift you.
Come soar with me.

CF Sherrow