Exposing the works of darkness Illuminating the goodness of God

C.F. Sherrow, Author

“Exposing the works of darkness — Illuminating the goodness of God”

Hi there, and welcome to Cords of Grace! Wondering about the name? Well, several years ago, Author C.F. Sherrow had a picture of a hot air balloon in her mind. It was an illustration of grace. Everyone lives in the balloon’s basket. That’s a pretty safe place, right? The hot air that lifts and powers the balloon is the Holy Spirit. And God’s grace attaches us to that power. See the cords between the basket and the balloon?

. . . Grace

Inside, there's a wealth of discussion spanning mental, emotional health, and spirituality. Sherrow's books offer a deep dive into the supernatural effects on the mind. In both her books and her blogs, topics such as soul ties, identity, judgment, forgiveness, and the spectrum of dissociation—from the mere act of "tuning out" to the complexities of Dissociative Identity Disorder—are thoroughly explored. You certainly will be entertained by them, and maybe even see spiritual truth in the stories. The most important aspect of all this is God. He is the only one who can heal these issues. Our minds can be big puzzles. But He created the mind, and God can sort out the puzzle. The complexity doesn’t bother Him. Not at all.

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I invite you to journey with me as we get in touch with our minds and emotions.

As we grow and heal in our relationships with others and ourselves.
As we learn truth.
As we become who we were meant to be.

CF Sherrow's readers can explore the journey of collaborating with God to discover one's true self and the essence of God. The content, deeply rooted in personal experiences and real-life stories, provides insights into the supernatural effects on the mind. CF Sherrow's guides, website and blog posts delve deeper into these themes, offering readers both entertainment and spiritual enlightenment. The blogs expand on the truths shared in the books.


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But I Can't Even Love Myself!

Do you love yourself? How about other people? God? Do you even know how to love? What is love, after all? In the list of the Fruit of the Spirit, love is the first one listed. Ever wonder why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because all the other fruit depend on it being present.  Or maybe it’s the most important. Consider the Source. When Jesus answered the scribe who asked him what commandment is most important, His answer was based on love. “You shall love the Lord your God with all...read more

This Sucks!

Apologies for using slightly vulgar language for my title today. My mom said this several days ago, when she was trying to walk but her legs wouldn’t seem to hold her up. Such frustration and anger! I can understand the feeling . . . her body has been faithful and strong all these years, and now it’s not. She wants to do things she used to do. She hates being even semi-dependent on me (or anyone else). And she hates having therapists come to the house.  Sometimes I find myself just wanting to tell...read more

Assistance, Please?

It’s so hard to watch your loved one struggle to accomplish tasks that were once second nature. The deterioration of motor skills can be devastating, or at least highly frustrating. And imagine how frustrating it is to be in their place: the body is not working well and the soul hates it. The big question I find most often is how much do I help? And then how much can I wait, expecting her to do what is needed, however slowly? It’s a juggling act, all right. On one hand, I don’t want her to be angry...read more