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Exposing the works of darkness

                  Illuminating the goodness of God

Hi there, and welcome to Cords of Grace!

Wondering about the name?

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Well, several years ago, I had a picture of a hot air balloon in my mind. It was an illustration of grace.

Everyone lives in the balloon’s basket. That’s a pretty safe place, right? The hot air that lifts and powers the balloon is the Holy Spirit. And God’s grace attaches us to that power.

See the cords between the basket and the balloon? Grace.

Inside you will find lots of blog discussion on a variety of subjects relating to mental and emotional health and spirituality. There's even an index to guide you in your reading. You have access to posts about such things as:

  • soul ties
  • identity
  • judgment and forgiveness
  • dissociation from the most basic form (“tuning out”) to the most complicated (Dissociative Identity Disorder).
  • plus a lot more!

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The most important aspect of all this is God. He is the only one who can heal these issues.

Our minds can be big puzzles. But He created the mind, and He can sort out the puzzle. The complexity doesn’t bother Him. Not at all.


We’ll discuss how to work with God to discover who we really are (it may not be what you think!) and who He really is (you’ll probably be surprised at that one, too).

This isn’t theoretical. Virtually everything you read here is either from my own experiences or from those of friends and acquaintances. If something comes from simply reading or research, I’ll let you know that up front.

I’ll be talking periodically about my books. A future monthly newsletter will be the main forum for that. Novels are a great way to explore supernatural effects on the mind. I hope you will be thoroughly entertained by them, and maybe even see spiritual truth in the stories. Whatever you see in the novels will be upheld by the blog material.

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I invite you to journey with me as we get in touch with our minds and emotions.

As we grow and heal in our relationships with others and ourselves.

As we learn truth.

As we become who we were meant to be.

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