I kept to myself a lot while in college. Living in the same wing of the same dorm all four years, however, seemed to cause my dorm mates to trust me. For some reason, they often collared me to ask advice. Often it was about a boyfriend or other relationship. I just said whatever seemed logical while seeing both sides of the issue. God must have given me wisdom, because they appreciated (and usually followed) whatever I talked about.

Although majoring in science, I did take some sociology and psychology courses (just for grins!). They were fascinating. And since it was Evangel College, a Christian liberal arts institution, there was never any conflict with my faith. Indeed, God's truth was often integrated with man’s theories.

As I practiced medicine I found myself doing a lot of teaching and counseling with patients. But I was always so frustrated to realize that many of the physical problems actually had their source in spiritual and/or emotional issues. I couldn’t address the real sources. It was my calling . . . but not my job.

A few years before I began my own healing journey I began a master’s level training in Christian counseling. Then God told me to simplify my life.

Activities fell away until all I had were my job and the program.

“Simplify!” He said.
“But all I have left is my job and my classes. And I have to work!”
His reply? “Did I tell you to take classes in the first place?”
Ouch! They were dropped.
I started my journey. I healed. I grew.

Now, after significant amounts of ministry training through seminars and conferences, I have come full circle. I still see both sides of the issue. My head isn’t filled with theory, so I listen to God. He speaks and the clients and I listen. He brings truth to them, healing their pain and their wounds.

I am able to work successfully with severely abused and tormented people, survivors of Trauma-based Mind Control, and people who have received no help from the psychological profession. It’s so exciting to see what He will do in people who give Him permission.

God is in charge. He lets me tag along. It’s a great arrangement.

I love what I do. It's my calling . . . and my job.

What's in store for the future?
I plan to minister to individuals over Skype as well as in person. I will continue to construct teaching materials in PDF form, and to compile several related ones into an E-book. More novels that explore and expose the enemy's tactics and trickery. Speaking to counseling groups, women's gatherings, churches, and seminars.

In short, continued expansion as God leads.

Just watch me move those tent stakes!