to expose the works of darkness and to illuminate the goodness of God.

to generate long-distance discipleship.

to provide quality teaching materials that supplement the healing journey.

Those goals sound kind of like the beginning of "Mission Impossible"! But here’s the good news: nothing is impossible with God. No matter how badly we are broken or how wounded we are, His healing grace and power is active in our lives. (And this page won’t self-destruct after you read it!)

Having spent years “on both sides” with some wonderful, effective Christian counselors, I am familiar with how easy it is for a badly wounded soul to develop dependence on a person rather than on God. As I’ve said in giving my testimony of healing, seeing a counselor is the easy part; healing is a lot harder. Counseling may take quite a while, but healing takes even longer.

Unfortunately, too many counselors, Christian as well as secular, encourage clients to be dependent on them. This may be unintentional (perhaps from a desire to rescue) or intentional (perhaps from a desire for money). In any case, a counselor who does not consistently point the client toward God and encourage the client to develop a closer relationship with the Healer shortchanges and even short-circuits the healing process.

I believe an effective counseling relationship must also include teaching the client about Scriptural laws and principles and how to apply them. In other words, discipling.

The client who has a solid grounding in these areas and utilizes them appropriately will find faster resolution as they grow closer to God. They will discover more inner strength through living in God’s truth. They will see faster change in the troubled areas of habits, reactions, doubts, etc., when they know who they truly are and when they live out that identity according to what they have learned through His wisdom.

A client who will not do healing work apart from the counselor also short-circuits the healing process. This refusal may result from fear or confusion. It may be from laziness, complacency, or a number of other attitudes.

Counseling and healing is a team effort. God, the counselor, and the client are all in this together.

My desire is to provide training and teaching online so that, no matter how deep your wounds or where you begin, you will become stronger, wiser, and more powerful during your journey of healing.

I want to see you succeed. I want to help speed that success. I want you to be free, forever.

Say it with me: “No more Mission: Impossible”!

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