I've met a lot of folks who knew from the beginning that they wanted to be writers. They loved English classes in school, they majored in literature or journalism or something in that realm, and now they write for a living and love it. They geared their lives to it.

Not me! Oh, I did love English classes and took some literature electives in college, but my life was geared toward science. My undergraduate degree is in Biology/Chemistry. I became a certified secondary school science teacher. I worked as an EMT and then a Physician Assistant for a total of twenty-five years in the medical field.

So why am I writing now—and loving it?

I’ve always been good at essays and composition (school, you know!) I started going to writers’ conferences in the mid-1990s, using them for diversion as well as learning the craft of writing. That’s where I met some talented authors and learned I could actually write fiction (Thanks, Nancy Rue!)

When I began to get burned out on medicine, I started my first novel. By the time I took early retirement I had plans for the second. The ideas just kept coming. And I kept going to conferences.

I also started writing short stories. This picture is of me and my mom at a book signing for Chicken Soup for the Soul (Thanks to My Mom).

Not only did they publish one of my first-person stories, but Bethany House also published my work in "Encountering Jesus" in 2015 and "Heaven Sightings" in 2019.

In early 2014 I began my website and blog writing. So . . . fiction, nonfiction, scriptural teaching, discipleship concepts, you name it. My writing just keeps expanding and God keeps teaching me.

And I keep loving it!

So feel free to share the love!